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Samantha & Scott, Married at Westin Lake Las Vegas!

Mon. May 5. 2014Samantha & Scott, Married at Westin Lake Las Vegas!

Had a wonderful weekend last weekend; spent Saturday night with Samantha & Scott out at the gorgeous Westin Lake Las Vegas for their beautiful wedding!  
Sam & Scott have the absolute sweetest love possible. When I first met with them, it was so easy to see that Scott was in orbit around this spunky girl.:) He was just so attentive and so loving and caring towards her...I knew they had something very special. These two have a bond....a real secret between the two of them. And to us, that's the best foundation for a romance that lasts a lifetime. And she's amazing. She's a photojournalist and we have some mutual friends, so we felt very honored that they choose to work with us. Cause we knew photography must be important to both of them.  
Samantha & Scott, thanks for sharing your day with us. It was so fun and your friends and family were so warm and welcoming. We really appreciate that, and we know you'll be surrounded with an amazing foundation to start your lives together. In the mean time, while you're enjoying your honeymoon, enjoy a quick sneak peek!! Much love, Trish & Jared

MOH....ROCKED IT with a RAP for the happy couple...

ok....this party got ROWDY!!

Melissa & Pete, Married in Tiburon, California!

Sat. Mar 15. 2014Melissa & Pete, Married in Tiburon, California!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph the wedding a someone we absolutely adore; our friend Melissa and her new husband Pete. I felt really excited when she asked me to shoot her wedding because she is the twin sister of one of our best friends, which really meant a lot to me. The minute she asked me, I began to plan…I thought to myself…I’m going to give Melissa the most beautiful wedding images ever. And to boot, I’ll be in California shooting which was a double bonus!!  
It’s truly a joy to photograph people you love and care about…at least it is for me. It’s an opportunity for me to share my love of photography with my closest friends, but it’s also an opportunity to do my absolute best to create something truly beautiful and magnificent for them to remember the biggest day of their lives. I know how much my marriage means to me, so I wanted to be sure Melissa was going to have her dream wedding with the man of her dreams and the photos to prove it!:)  
I can’t say enough wonderful things about this family. They’ve really become a part of our family. Melissa and her sister Rhiannon have become like sisters to me. And, their parents have become like great friends that my husband and I look forward to seeing each year when we visit them in California. These people mean the world to us, so when I say this is likely my biggest blog post ever, hopefully you’ll understand why.  
Melissa was absolutely stunning that day! More beautiful and radiant than I had ever seen her. Quite possibly the happiest bride ever, and when Pete showed up, well, let’s just say the smiles between them were non-stop! Which made for awesome photos!  
Melissa & Pete, Jared and I couldn’t be happier for you. We love you both and are looking forward to a lifetime of vacations and fun with you! We wish you all the happiness the world has to offer and all the love you can hold in your hearts and arms. Hope you both enjoy your sneak peek…and look forward to sharing all the rest!! Love, love, love you guys!! Trish

Edith & Peter....Married in classic style!

Thu. Oct 3. 2013Edith & Peter....Married in classic style!

Saturday brought us together with Edith & Peter and their wonderful families as they were married at Our Lady of Las Vegas with their reception at the gorgeous Dragon Ridge Country Club. They spent part of their day with the both of us, part of the day with just me and their reception with our awesome associate photographers known as The Black Chicken.  
Can we just say that we LOVE Edith & Peter....they are such incredibly nice people, and so absolutely adorable, they're just wonderful to be around and spend the day with....especially on their wedding day. It was all giggles and fun with these two...there was dancing, a few drinks and then just awesome wedding nonsense...our kind of wedding!  
Edith & Peter, thank you so much for being so incredible to work for. You two are just amazing and were so excited for you to start your lives together as a family. Much love!! Trish & Jared

Ambaar & Kyle are Married!!

Tue. Oct 1. 2013Ambaar & Kyle are Married!!

It was a crazy weekend for us....first up, Ambaar & Kyle's gorgeous wedding at the M Resort.....  
These two are just so fun...I mean, they are both such awesome people and now they're married and headed for wedding bliss and awesomeness together!  
It was a beautiful day, great weather and two gorgeous people. We really couldn't ask for anything more.:) Not only that, but they had three choreographed dances, an umbrella dance, an amazing guest list and the photo booth. Woot! Woot! What a recipe for an incredible wedding.  
Ambaar & Kyle, we wish you all the happiness you can hold in your hearts and all the love in the world to boot! Enjoy your sneak peek! There were so many awesome pics, it was just hard to pick what to post!! xoxo, trish & jared

A very enthusiastic and excited Kyle came down the aisle...he was just so incredibly happy!

They recreated the Silver Linings Playbook dance routine and combined it with their grand entrance...SUPER COOL!!

Mark & Sue married at TPC Summerlin!

Thu. Sep 19. 2013Mark & Sue married at TPC Summerlin!

Saturday I got to do something that very few people get to do; I photographed the wedding of someone I consider to be a very special friend. Saturday my friend Mark married the love of his life and woman of his dreams, Sue.:)  
When Mark met Sue, he told me about her...saying she was really pretty, an amazing climber and athlete and just a wonderful that point, I knew something had changed in Mark's life--I knew he was completely smitten by this girl. I hadn't met her yet, but I knew this time things were different. It seemed he had met his soulmate, and I was just beyond happy for him. And when I finally met Sue--it was so easy to see the magic in who she was. It was as though she was put on this earth for him.  
Mark, you've been there for me during the hardest times of my life, and you've helped me so much as a friend, I couldn't thank you enough for being there for me during those times. You were the first friend I made in Vegas, and what's crazy is that you were even there helping me through a tough time when I met my husband. Mark, we both love you and Sue so much and we're so happy you've found the loves of your lives.  
Thank you so much for letting me capture the biggest day of your life. You mean so much to us as a friend, I'm just so glad I could finally do something for you. Enjoy this quick sneak peek:) xoxo, Trish

If there was ever a more giddy, happy bride to be, I have never met her...Sue was the giddiest, happiest bride to be ever!:)

To Grandma Sue & Grandpa Mark....what???:) I'll never get used to that!:)

They rocked their reception with an awesome choreographed dance by the one and only KIM SAKREN of A perfect wedding dance!

Joyce & Nick at the Hilton Lake Las vegas!

Wed. Sep 4. 2013Joyce & Nick at the Hilton Lake Las vegas!

Had a wonderful Sunday this past weekend documenting Joyce & Nick's beautiful wedding out at Hilton Lake Las Vegas.  
Another amazing sky for the evening accompanied by an incredibly loving couple. Seems like these two were just destined to be together. Joyce was absolutely stunning and Nick also was looking amazing. They were just so sweet to each other and had such a wonderful intimate evening shared with friends and family, it was great to be with them to share in such a beautiful day.  
Joyce & Nick, wishing you all the happiness you can hold in your arms and in your hearts. Thank you so much for including me in the biggest day of your lives. Hope you enjoy your sneak peek...lots more coming soon!! Much love, Trish

Apparently there was some concern over Nick getting cold feet....:)

A fun something blue!

A hilarious best man toast!

Darryn & Hannah Married @The Neon Museum

Mon. Sep 2. 2013Darryn & Hannah Married @The Neon Museum

Had a super fun Saturday night with Darryn & Hannah as they tied the knot at the SUPER SUPER COOL Neon Museum, Las Vegas!!  
This couple had been together for 5 wonderful years, and you could really see the love in their seemed like each time they got close, Hannah began giggling and became really giddy, which was just wonderful to see and be around. They came out to Vegas on a planned "Sneak Wedding". Their families didn't know and I just love being in on that kind of when they return home, the wedding will be a total surprise to everyone!  
Darryn & Hannah, thank you so much for including me on your wonderful Vegas wedding. You guys have been so wonderful and sweet, I hope you enjoy the pics! Happy honeymooning and Congrats!! xo, Trish

They had that sort of nervous excitement about getting married as they were speaking with the pastor to get the ceremony all set...just fun!....:)

A hilarious ceremony in the Boneyard....

Then a quick limo ride to downtown Vegas....

James & Christine, Married at Four Seasons Las Vegas!

Fri. Aug 2. 2013James & Christine, Married at Four Seasons Las Vegas!

Saturday we spent the evening with James & Christine at the Four Seasons Las Vegas for their beautiful wedding.  
Can we just say, they had us at "hello". We just loved these two from the moment we met; they were sweet, funny, kind and most of all, had a lot of love for each other. Jim treats Christine like a queen and it's obvious in all of his actions towards here, which is wonderful to be around.  
It was a beautiful wedding with close friends and family, and these two were just so much fun, we'd like to do it all again next weekend!:)  
Jim & Christine, we wish you both all the happiness you can hold in your hearts. Love you both and hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker!! xoxo, Trish & Jared

Jennifer & Lou's Big Vegas Hoorah!!!

Tue. May 28. 2013Jennifer & Lou's Big Vegas Hoorah!!!

There's some couples we work with who just get it...they were meant to be together and that's all. Jennifer & Lou are one of those couples.  
They are just such incredibly special people that Jared and I have truly enjoyed every minute of spending time with them and getting to know them. They have a really great thing going and after 12 years together, they decided it was time to make it official. They hosted their gorgeous wedding at Red Rock Resort, and it was a beautiful event shared with their closest friends and family. Fun doesn't even describe their was more than was simply wonderful!  
Jen & Lou, thank you for coming into our lives. You two are more than a ray of sunshine--you're the entire sun and we're pretty sure you both hung the moon. Love you guys and LOVE YOUR PICS!!! more coming soon!!! Trish & Jared

These two are SOOOO CUTE!!

An ice sculpture of their doggie Lex....just awesome!

Their Maid of Honor said "the key to a good marriage is a deep closet and some duct tape..." brilliant really...:)

Tallie & Kevin are Married!! At the JW Marriott!

Thu. May 16. 2013Tallie & Kevin are Married!! At the JW Marriott!

Saturday night was too fun for Tallie & Kevin's beautiful wedding at the fabulous JW Marriott in Summerlin, Las Vegas!  
These two had a super fun bunch of folks in their bridal party so it was total nonsense and giggles all day!! We have to admit, we've really grown to love Tallie & Kevin because they are just super funny, super sweet and just all around super cool people.  
Tallie was absolutely STUNNING! She's just a gorgeous person inside and out, and when she came down the aisle, it was as though Kevin was completely lost in her was a really emotional ceremony and you could just feel the love these two had after being together for 12 years.  
Tallie & Kevin, we hope you enjoy your sneak you both and hope you love the pics!! xoxo, Trish & Jared

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