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The End of the Rainbow

Mon. Jul 12. 2010The End of the Rainbow

You all might be wondering what the heck have we been up to? Well for starters we have been searching to find what's really at the end of a rainbow, think we found it...... Sorry it's a little blurry, might have been the dead sprint at 11,000 in order to capture the real image.......

The real image......

Little Trish action.

and some more fine art stuff.....

Trish Action Shot of the Week

Tue. Jun 22. 2010Trish Action Shot of the Week

Been awhile since one of these, I guess it could be because we haven't seen much of Trish around the studio because she's been out fighting fires...... She's hot hot hot, and wait till you see this session even hotter....

Poke it With a FORK, this week's done...

Mon. May 31. 2010Poke it With a FORK, this week's done...

Well we just wrapped up two awesome weddings over the weekend, along with the weddings this past week we were out shooting three different magazine stories, busy busy week. This only means lots of great blogging coming your way, stay tuned, lots hitting the blog this week....... Now get out and enjoy a little BBQ....

Our Garden

Fri. May 28. 2010Our Garden

Every year come spring we find ourselves in our backyard on our knees planting, we both love it. With a crazy busy schedule we always not only find the time, but for planting and gardening we make the time, which has been a super important part of our lives. So far this year we have already been enjoying several things out of the garden including fresh arugula and tomatoes, planted a couple new things this year including beats, love um when their fresh.... Also it looks like we'll need to throw a peach party in the coming months as our peach tree is going crazy.... yum yum.... Wanted to wish you all a fun filled long weekend.....


Mon. May 17. 2010Re-CHARGE

Every so often we find ourselves needing a day to step away and enjoy the warmth of the desert sun on our face, yesterday we found lots of warmth and color that has spread along the desert floor.  
First up, us on a couch in the middle of no where, if it wasn't so hot we would have necked on this puppy all afternoon...  

The worlds smallest firecracker next to the worlds largest firecracker...

We shoot hundreds of thousands of images each week, so we thought maybe we needed a couple for ourselves...

The fun level was through the roof, off the charts, thanks for hanging out with me Trisher you always bring on the smiles....

The Past

Tue. May 11. 2010The Past

Years and years ago Trish and I did all sorts of stuff in order to train ourselves to keep up with brides and grooms come wedding day. Well, anyway dug this up and thought we'd share a bit of our past with you all, back in our climbing days we were often hired as stunt geeks, and this is one of the worst productions we were every part of, cool concept, but not sure the final result was that great, o.k. it sucked at least the gig paid well. Check out the guy on the left.  

Clothing Change, Trish and Jared ACTION

Thu. Apr 8. 2010Clothing Change, Trish and Jared ACTION

Last night during an engagement session while our clients were changing we decided to bust out some moves of our own. Thinking the first one might be making it to the Trish jumping wall we have at home...

Blast From The PAST

Mon. Mar 22. 2010Blast From The PAST

Last night I got a text at about 11 from one of my good buddies telling me to go to his you tube page, below is what I found. Holy blast from the past, these were filmed back in the early 2000's for a couple of my climbing sponsors. Brings back the memories of the good old days, hanging out with friends, traveling full time, living in a van, training, and always wanting more, enjoy a peek at what we used to do...  

Trish Action Shot of the Week

Thu. Mar 11. 2010Trish Action Shot of the Week

So your all thinking we've been slackers right? Hmmm not really slacking we've just been so so busy once again we're falling behind on keeping the ole blog up to speed, sorry.  
Guess we'll kick this post off with a little Trish action from the other day, we were out shooting a couple things, much of it revolved around running. For this shoot we even had to build a special little device (the first of its kind) to make many of the images possible to capture with a still camera, it was pretty crazy but we pulled it off. For now we'll post a couple of the running images we captured, the rest is gonna have to wait until the finished product can be shared with all, enjoy.

Some Favorites

Fri. Mar 5. 2010Some Favorites

We shoot thousands of images on a regular basis, from weddings, engagement sessions, baby sessions, life sessions, and all of our editorial and commercial work, needless to say the pictures add up around the studio. So today I thought we'd share some of our favorites over the past several months and tell you why we like them so much. Not to mention we'll be posting a bunch of fresh images to our main site STUDiO ATG soon. Here we go...  
Kicking it off with some Engagement Sessions.  
Like the first one, because they both look HOT, o.k. really it's just a simple picture with great lighting, not to mention a cool car.

This was their idea and we embraced it to make it our own, love the concept.

We love the location one these, and the outfits were very fitting for this rad couple...

Couple from one of our signature Studio ATG LIFE SESSIONS. These remind me of a movie poster, plus how can you go wrong with a crashed airplane.

Being as we're REAL working Photojournalists we had to show you a couple of our recent favorites. Moments like this is why we do what we do...

Love the first picture in this set that Trish took, just an awesome moment in time, you can just she the feeling in her face.

Now some favorite WEDDING images.  
Really like the first one simply because it's fun...

We love finding new locations to shoot at, the first one in the set was a small little alley way we stumbled on, plus really like the chain showing their connection, not to mention we love this couple because they fly fish.

One word "classic" we love very simple and clean portraits, and these are the perfect example.

These go back to the previous, simple and classic, not to mention very clean lighting.

Trish captured this and set it up, I really love the composition.

Another clean portrait with stunning light, I guess if it were out of focus we could call it art, but we'd rather all our pictures are be sharp, and this one fits the bill perfectly.  
Leave a comment and let us know your favorite image/images from the past...

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