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Jane & Jim, Married in Vegas!

Sat. Oct 20. 2012Jane & Jim, Married in Vegas!

Last week was another busy week for weddings as we also celebrated and photographed Jane & Jim as they became husband and wife at the JW Marriott as well!  
These two lovebirds had a beautiful event:) Surrounded by family and friends, they made it official on a beautiful, sunny day. And, what's more, is that we learned a lot about Jim. He really let loose at the wedding, and it was just great to see such a fun side of him...we can really see why Jane loves him so much:).  
Jim & Jane, we love you guys and we hope you enjoy your quick sneaker peeker. Lots more coming soon!! xoxo, Trish & Jared

Sara & Marcus are MARRIED!!

Sat. Oct 20. 2012Sara & Marcus are MARRIED!!

Had an AMAZING wedding last Thursday- 10-11-12- with Sara & Marcus as they tied the knot at the beautiful JW Marriott.  
Let's just say these two ROCKED IT! They are two of the coolest, most interesting people we've met this year. Just super sweet, super kind and completely in love. They share a love of sound and stage and they also have a SMOKER!! So we can't wait to hit their house next time they have a barbeque!  
They spent a wonderful day with family and friends. It was just a gorgeous set up in the Valencia Room as the celebrated to the music of Yellow Brick Road. JUST AWESOME GUYS!!  
Sara & Marcus, we've really fallen in love with you guys...hope that's ok:) We hope you enjoy the pics and wish you both all the happiness you can hold in your hearts. Much love!! Trish & Jared

Jill & Jeff, Married at the Westin Lake Las Vegas!

Fri. Oct 12. 2012Jill & Jeff, Married at the Westin Lake Las Vegas!

This past weekend we shot a super fun wedding at the Westin Lake Las Vegas; Jill and Jeff made it official in this gorgeous location!  
What was wonderful about their wedding was that Jeff was really one of the first grooms we've seen in a long time who just really was overwhelmed with emotion. He was absolutely overwhelmed by Jill's beauty as a bride and it seemed as though the gravity of the moment got the best of him and it was just so sweet and endearing we know he's completely in love with Jill.  
Jill & Jeff, we hope you enjoy your sneak peek; there's lots more photo love coming soon!! xoxo, Trish & Jared

Cheryl & Paul and quick weekday Vegas wedding!

Thu. Oct 4. 2012Cheryl & Paul and quick weekday Vegas wedding!

Was a great Tuesday out at the Westin Lake Las Vegas as we celebrated Cheryl & Paul's wedding!  
It was an interesting day as Cheryl and Paul, visiting from the UK, discovered that President Obama was also at the Westin, so they were lucky enough to get wanded for security and have their rental van searched by the Secret Service and their dogs...!! It was just awesome! And we think it's going to be a great story to share with their friends!!!  
Cheryl & Paul, thank you so much for having us at your big day!! We wish you all the best and hope you've been having a great time here in Vegas!! xoxo, Trish & Jared

Amy & Luke's Wedding & Bridal Session!

Sat. Sep 29. 2012Amy & Luke's Wedding & Bridal Session!

Last weekend we photographed the wedding of Amy & Luke at the Four Seasons Las Vegas. They decided to go with a combination package of Studio ATG & The Black Chicken, our associate photographers which worked out great!  
Their day started at the Four Seasons Las Vegas, traveled to the Vegas Sign and then a Bridal Session followed the next day. They had a beautiful wedding filled with family and friends.  
Last time we saw them, they were off to Africa for their honeymoon, which we thought sounded amazing!! Amy & Luke, hope you like the pics, there are tons more!! And a huge congrats to both of you! Cheers! Trish & Jared

Neeti & Pooya married at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas!

Mon. Sep 10. 2012Neeti & Pooya married at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas!

Sunday night was a complete blast photographing Neeti & Pooya at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas as they celebrated their big day in classic style.  
Seems like it's been Bull dogs, bull dogs bull dogs lately..and Neeti & Pooya, well, they love, love, love their bull dog we included him in all the photos as much as we could. His sweet little face just makes their photos more amazing we think and did we mention that we love dogs!!  
Neeti & Pooya had a really wonderful event; great friends, wonderful family and lots and lots of love. It was really the way a wedding should be. Neeti & Pooya, we wish you the very best as you start your lives together as married people!! We hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker and....the day after session is coming very soon!!! xoxo, Trish & Jared

Someone was having a little trouble getting down the aisle....and it wasn't Pooya!:)  

It seemed more like a roast than a toast with this fun bunch!

The second grand entrance...

Ovid & Soo Married At Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

Wed. Sep 5. 2012Ovid & Soo Married At Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

We pretty much spent our entire weekend documenting weddings at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas which was of course wonderful because they seem to care for some of the coolest people!  
First up, Ovid & Soo, an absolutely gorgeous couple, and in fact, I can honestly say, I have never seen a groom so entirely captivated by his bride. No matter which way you turned, Ovid was all eyes on Soo. It was really great to witness.  
From the sounds of it, it was a long distance relationship for quite some time; Soo is from Korea and Ovid travelled back and fourth courting this beautiful girl until finally his father said "Why don't you marry this girl". So...this weekend, he did!  
Ovid & Soo, thank you so much for having us at your wedding. We hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker and there's lots more coming soon!! Much love, Trish & Jared

A gorgeous Mandarin Oriental Reception once again; this hotel is incredible!

Soo's mother sang a beautiful song for the couple and Ovid's mom was all love and hugs for the first dance...

Ovid was so inspired, he sang a song to Soo too!

Katherine & Rob...two gorgeous peeps in love!

Wed. Aug 22. 2012Katherine & Rob...two gorgeous peeps in love!

Saturday night was one of the most fun weddings we've shot as we celebrated Katherine & Rob's incredible wedding held at the Eastside Cannery....truly, their location was amazing!! Held at the Nightclub One-Six at the very top of the Eastside Cannery, their reception offered 360degree views of the entire city!! Just awesome!  
Can we just say that we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these people!! They are both so sweet, so sincere and just so wonderful that being around them is truly like being in the presence of awesomeness!! Plus, they're both so funny...seriously, most of the night was spent laughing and just enjoying their big day.  
Katherine & Rob, WE LOVE YOU MAN!! Hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker and thank you again for sharing your lives and your big day with us!! We're bummed the weddings over!! We want more wedding fun with you both!!! love, Trish & Jared

The official THUMBS UP!!

Usually at receptions, we don't see the groom take his clothes off, but with the help of the song "it's gettin hot in here", Rob felt inspired....:)

And we had to post this one because this party was awesome!!

Mayra & Chris....Married in Vegas!

Thu. Aug 16. 2012Mayra & Chris....Married in Vegas!

This past Sunday, Mayra & Chris celebrated their big day as they tied the knot at Wynn Las Vegas with reception at Vintner's Grill. What an incredible view!  
These two had a super crazy fun weekend I discovered when I phoned Mayra Sunday morning to get their room numbers and basically, she had that sort of "I partied way too much" sound in her voice...Then she filled me in on all the fun they'd been having with their family and friends and we agreed that by 4:00, they'd both be feeling a lot better and ready to have an awesome wedding!! Which they did!!!:)  
Mayra & Chris, thanks for sharing your big day with us! We hope you're having an amazing honeymoon and we hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker!! xoxo, Trish & Jared

Chris being informed by his best man that this would be his last night enjoying the upper hand....

Jennifer & Miguel and their Las Vegas Wedding!

Sun. Jul 22. 2012Jennifer & Miguel and their Las Vegas Wedding!

Had a SUPER fun time Friday night documenting Jennifer & Miguel's wedding at Bear's Best golf course!  
Can we just say.....WE LOVE THESE PEOPLE!! They have been so much fun ever since we met, that seriously, we're beginning to wish their wedding wasn't over:(.....their families were just wonderful and super loving, it's no wonder that they're both such awesome people. We're so glad they walked into our lives and into our studio, because these two ROCK!  
Jennifer & Miguel, we want to thank you for working with us, and also for letting us be a part of your lives. We know that with a connection like you two have, you're going to love each other forever. We wish you all the happiness in our hearts:) LOVE YOU GUYS!!! enjoy your sneaker peeker!! xoxo, Trish & Jared

The most documented grand entrance ever....can anyone find Trish in this photo?:)

Super cool Dragon ceremony!! Just awesome!!

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