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The Grady's in Park City Utah!

Tue. Jun 18. 2013The Grady's in Park City Utah!

Had a super fun time last week photographing the Grady family in Park City, Utah!  
Little Teagan and Quinny were frolicking in the flowers...but they were all smiles and sweet love for their photo shoot....and...I even heard they might have gotten ice cream as a reward for being so wonderful!!  
Erin & Lee, thank you so much for coming out. Hope you love the pics and enjoy this little sneaker peeker!!! xoxo, Trish

Susan & Frank & Baby Des!!

Mon. Jun 10. 2013Susan & Frank & Baby Des!!

Had a great time this past Friday photographing little Baby Des! She is SUCH A TOTAL DOLL!!!  
This baby has the sweetest little face....she was so curious and so excited it was just super fun to be around her as she marveled at everything in her surroundings. There's something really special in her eyes; they were just so big and dark. You could just see the love as she looked at her mommy and daddy and made them laugh and smile:).  
Susan & Frank, so great to see you both!! It was really great to hang out with you even though it was was like a thousand degrees outside and we were all melting:)...thanks for rockin the shoot even in the heat!! xoxo, Lots of love, Trish

Baby Parker Turned 1!!! Yeah!! Fun!!

Mon. Jun 10. 2013Baby Parker Turned 1!!! Yeah!! Fun!!

Baby Parker turned 1 about 10 days ago and her wonderful parents, Jamie & Jason asked that we shoot a portrait session to celebrate the big event!  
This year little Parker was all smiles!! She is GORGEOUS!! So happy, so sweet and so loved:) Who wouldn't want to be this baby?:) Mommy came to the shoot with lots of goodies to make the photos really fun, which seemed like an awesome way to celebrate her first year of life.  
Jamie & Jason, hope you love the pics; Parker has just gotten so beautiful and it was wonderful to see all of you. The kids are just getting so big!! Lots of love and enjoy your sneaker peeker!! xoxo, Trish

And of course what birthday would be complete without cake smashing!

All three little monkeys: Parker, Pressley & these babies!!

Jason & Alicia Bridal Session in Nelson, Nevada!

Tue. May 28. 2013Jason & Alicia Bridal Session in Nelson, Nevada!

Was great to see one of our awesome couples last weekend, Jason & Alicia! We had an afternoon to shoot their bridal session out at Nelson, Nevada. Love this spot!! Plus they really brought their "A" game for the shoot!  
Jason & Alicia, you guys still seem as happy as you were on the day of your wedding. Great to see you guys still in love and still happy:). Enjoy your sneak peek!! xoxo, Trish & Jared

Sayonna & Mike--and the family!!

Thu. May 23. 2013Sayonna & Mike--and the family!!

Had an awesome time last weekend spending the morning with Sayonna & Mike and their absolutely adorable family including Kylie, Riley, Jack and Little Mikey.  
Their kids are so cute, so sweet and so well behaved, we just LOVE THEM!! Plus we absolutely love seeing these two and how much their family has grown since we photographed their wedding about 7 years ago! Say & Mike have absolutely been one of our favoritest clients ever and when we all met, it just clicked--seems like we've been hooked on them ever since!  
Say & Mike, lots more photo fun and lovin coming your way!! We love you guys and hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker!! xoxo, Trish & Jared

Marisa, Brian and baby bellie!

Wed. May 15. 2013Marisa, Brian and baby bellie!

Photographed one of my favorite families over the weekend...Marisa, Brian and their beautiful, crazy happy, little princess Isabella.  
She has just gotten so much more BEAUTIFUL!! I didn't expect this baby to get more beautiful than she was when she was little, but she's just growing into an adorable little girl. She's ready to walk, still a little unsure of herself, but her amazing parents and family are always there to love her, cuddle her and give her lots of kisses.  
Marisa & Brian, thank you so much for letting me document your lives. Just love you guys and your family and hope you enjoy a quick sneak peek...lots more coming very soon!! xoxo, Trish

The Duke Twins are back....YEAH!!! Yeah!!

Tue. May 7. 2013The Duke Twins are back....YEAH!!! Yeah!!

Twin mania continues with two of my favorite babies....The Duke Twins!! Cameron &Sophia!!  
These two just get cuter by the minute....although they're now active, and we all got a good work out chasing them, they are just so sweet and adorable, it's a complete pleasure to chase them:).  
And of course, it's always great to see two of my other favorite people, Tanya & Bryan, their parents:). They just love these babies so much... They have such a beautiful family....seriously, everyone should have a family this great:).  
Tanya & Bryan, love you guys and these babies!! Hope you like the pics!! Lots and lots more coming soon!!! love, love, love, Trish

Bryan once again proving that a good dad wears many hats....:)  

Sophia always looks like she should be in Paris some where having tea....

Sharon, Chris, Zachary-Tiger & Isabelle-Lilly!

Tue. May 7. 2013Sharon, Chris, Zachary-Tiger & Isabelle-Lilly!

Last week I had the complete pleasure of meeting Zachary-Tiger and Isabelle-Lily Lose. As you can see from the photo first they were skeptical....however, soon after they warmed up into the most adorable set of twins. These two babies are beautiful!!  
It was great to see Chris & Sharon again and see them as parents. They were just having too much fun and it was like these two had things down to a science! They were like a finely oiled machine attending to the twins-handing babies off, getting them snacks.....great to see so much love for these babies.  
Hope you guys enjoy your sneeker peeker!! It was so fun to see them and you both! Lots of love!! Trish

They are just so cute!! Watching them play was just super fun!

Two happy to bed after the their super cool room!

Danielle & Dave and little baby Calisto!

Mon. May 6. 2013Danielle & Dave and little baby Calisto!

Was really excited to shoot Sunday...had a chance to spend the afternoon with our good friends Danielle & Dave and their new baby Calisto....what an awesome name...completely fits his baby awesomeness!  
He was so happy, so sweet, so calm...just a wonderful baby!! You can just tell that Danielle & Dave are loving this little man so much. Was just great to spend the afternoon with them.  
Danielle & Dave, thank you for being in our lives and for supporting us for all these years.:) Love you both and little Calisto and hope you enjoy a quick sneaker peeker from our shoot. Much love, Trish & Jared

Lourdes & Brian welcome baby Jace!!

Mon. May 6. 2013Lourdes & Brian welcome baby Jace!!

Two of our most favoritest people have had a baby...Lourdes & Brian!!  
Their shoot was so much fun!! Although little Jace was just not in the mood for photos for the most part, it seemed like we still had a lot of fun!! They had the most beautiful natural light in their home and watching these two in action as parents was awesome!! They were just so loving and so attentive to little Jace....they were total naturals at being parents.:)  
Lourdes & Brian, so excited for you guys as you start this next chapter of your lives. Little Jace is just adorable!! Love you guys and hope you enjoy a quick sneaker peeker!! xoxo, Trish

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