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Stormy, Cameron, Sam & Ace

Tue. Nov 5. 2013Stormy, Cameron, Sam & Ace

Had a super fun time last weekend spending the day with Stormy, her son Cameron, his best friend and my new light gun Sam and their gorgeous German Shepard Ace.  
This family was just wonderful! Such great energy and so much love between all of them--it was a total joy to be around and an awesome way to spend the afternoon despite the wind, the clouds and the long drive to get to their location. But when we arrived, it was just amazing. The barn at Soldier Hollow was just beautiful! So super cool and historic, just made for an outstanding backdrop.  
Stormy, Cam, Sam and Ace, thank you for sharing your lives and your Sunday with me! Hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker and more coming very soon!! Much love, Trish

The light was just beautiful....

Cameron is HILARIOUS! These two love each other so much, you can just see it in their smiles...:)

Calvi & Eric welcome baby Colten!!

Thu. Oct 17. 2013Calvi & Eric welcome baby Colten!!

Had a super fun morning on Sunday photographing Calvi and Eric's newborn baby Colten. This baby is sooooo cute!! He's just a little peanut with the sweetest face.:)  
Eric her hubby was out of town so it was just Calvi and I and her mom, which was great cause it gave us a chance to catch up since I haven't seen her really since their wedding....but...It's so funny because when I arrived he, the baby, was completely out, so Calvi and I were ready to go to town with this baby and really move him around for our pics.....BUT....the moment we picked him up--he was UP!! And after that, we just kept trying to get him to sleep....our fun ideas of doing all kinds of silly stuff was short lived, but we still got some great images.  
Calvi, you are a complete's like you were meant to be a mom. Seeing you with this baby and how much you adore him was just wonderful. Can't wait for you and Eric to be home together so you can really start having some serious baby fun!! Congrats to both of you on the birth of this gorgeous baby!! xoxo, Trish

It's Holiday Photo Time!!

Thu. Sep 26. 2013It's Holiday Photo Time!!

Baby Damien....SUCH A CUTIE!!

Wed. Sep 25. 2013Baby Damien....SUCH A CUTIE!!

Saturday was a wonderful day because I got to spend the day with two of my favorite people, Todd & Patricia and their adorable newborn baby Damien!  
We'll, he's not quite new, he's about a yea old--but he's spunky, funny and just super super happy!! What made the day so fun was that we went everywhere for their Park City family & newborn portraits! All over the mountains seeking out fall colors and spent the morning in their hotel room at the Waldorf Astoria. Which incidentally was great for photos.  
Todd & Patricia, it was soooooo great to see you guys and have you here in Park City for us! Thank you so much for coming out for your family portrait session and also for your incredible friendship. We love you guys and we love little Damien too!! xoxo, Trish

A little nose grab to really spice up the comedy on the personal favorite:)

Baby Avery in Park City, Utah!

Sun. Sep 8. 2013Baby Avery in Park City, Utah!

This morning I spent a little time with Jessica, Nick and their adorable baby girl Avery! What a wonderful baby!! She was so happy, so smiley and just such a sweet baby that it was a total joy to spend time with this beautiful family.  
At first Avery was a little coy and shy, but eventually the smiling and giggling just took over and you could really see this baby sending love to mommy & daddy. And as with most babies, eventually she just was having way too much fun and basically just tired herself out after having a snack and just fell asleep. But even in her sleep, she was giggling and smiling…it was so adorable, we were all giggling!  
This is such a wonderful time of year for portraits here in Park City, the leaves are just beginning to change, so while it was still nice and warm outside, actually the perfect temperature for a baby, we headed outdoors to find some aspens. As luck would have it, they happened to have some right in their front yard.:)  
Jessica & Nick, thank you so much for having me in your home and being so welcoming. Hope you love your sneaker peeker and I’m looking forward to the next shoot with your family!! Much love, Trish

Mina & Andrew and not one, but two babies!!

Fri. Aug 30. 2013Mina & Andrew and not one, but two babies!!

Seems like a huge year for our friends to be having babies!! But this time, it's not one, but two beautiful babies...!!  
Our dear friends Mina & Andrew, welcomed these two gorgeous twins to the world only about two weeks ago, but they're already running their home like a well oiled machine!! The babies were just tiny and so so sweet. Hardly any tears for these babies, and lots of love from Mommy & Daddy...  
Mina & Andrew, Jared and I are beyond happy for you. We love you both so much and we're so glad to finally meet these two angels. Enjoy your sneak peek...lots more fun pics coming your way!! xoxo, Trish

Little Francisco! D'anza & Oscar have a baby!

Sat. Aug 3. 2013Little Francisco! D'anza & Oscar have a baby!

Monday was a day of complete CUTENESS OVER LOAD as I photographed D'anza & Oscar's new son, Francisco.  
He was a total charmer!! Giving me the googlie eyes and smiling...what an absolutely adorable baby....and those wonderful curls in his hair....he's just so much fun and they were such cute parents!! Just loving him and keeping him calm and giving him hugs and was a really wonderful morning. These two are such sweet and loving people that this baby is never going to long for anything!  
D'anza & Oscar, thank you for having us in your lives. We are grateful to know you both and seeing you guys with little baby Francisco was a total joy! You two are complete naturals as parents so make more of these gorgeous babies! All the love in our hearts, Trish

A quick snack from daddy as he got a little tired....

Oh my goodness...he's just so happy!!

Stesha & Ryan welcome baby Bennett

Sat. Aug 3. 2013Stesha & Ryan welcome baby Bennett

About two weeks ago two people we love had a baby. Those two people are Stesha & Ryan and now we simply fell in love with their little baby Bennett AKA "BIG BEN".  
What's wonderful about what we do is that we are with people for some of the biggest moments of their lives; their weddings, welcoming their first babies or even in the delivery room as it's all happening. It's been such a complete joy for us to be there at these moments sharing in the emotion and love, but when it's someone we really care about, it just means so much to us.  
So when we had the chance to bring some sunshine to our Stesha and her wonderful hubby Ryan, I just really wanted to give them something special that would be something they could love that would document their little man's entrance in their lives.  
Stesha & Ryan, we simply couldn't love you guys more or be any happier for you. And what's more is that it was so wonderful to see that you've both completely fallen in love with little Ben. Thank you for having us in your lives and for sharing your biggest days with us. Means so much to us and we just love you all. This is such an awesome time in your lives, we hope you relish every moment. Love you guys!!

I wanted to create some photojournalistic moments for them so they could remember all that went into raising and loving this little man cause there's so much love in their gazes....They're both completely taken by him and it's really touching.

I loved his little tummy.....

A serious family portrait...

Then a total crack up!

Jennifer & Derrick and their Twin Babies!!

Thu. Jul 18. 2013Jennifer & Derrick and their Twin Babies!!

Had a really wonderful time last Saturday spending the morning with two of my favorite peeps, Jennifer & Derrick and their new twin babies!!!  
These two are ADORABLE!! I mean so cute, so sweet and getting so much love from Mommy, Daddy, both sets of grandparents and great grandparents! And truly, seeing Derrick and Jen as parents has been so much fun. They LOVE these babies so much and are so excited to have them in their lives it was great to hear them talking about having MORE kiddos!!  
Derrick & Jen, love you guys and love these babies....enjoy your sneak peek...tons more coming soon!! XOXO, Trish's always funny to me how with twins there's always one baby to gets to the food first and is bigger...wonder who that is:)?

She's just a beautiful mommy:) I think you found your calling Jen:)

Oh she was just so tough to be a princess

and a smile from the little man:)

I love these shots because it's like he has no idea how he got from the womb to this photo:)

A quick before and after:) love you guys!

Oh these serious!:)

Paul & Christie and their beautiful family!

Tue. Jul 9. 2013Paul & Christie and their beautiful family!

Had a great time Saturday morning with my good friend Lori's brother Paul and his family up here in Park City, Utah!  
We had tried for a shoot the previous night, but we got pounded by rain, thunder and all got up early met in Midway and headed up to Wasatch State Park where we found the most incredible area of flowers and aspens. It was gorgeous to say the least.  
Paul & Christie and their beautiful family were looking their best and it was a perfect morning for a family photo shoot.  
Thanks for getting up early and being so happy first thing in the morning guys! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!! Much love, Trish

Even Grandma was jumping!! It was awesome!!

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