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Bonnie & Pete's Engagement Session-WARNING! HOT!

Sun. Aug 26. 2012Bonnie & Pete's Engagement Session-WARNING! HOT!

Yesterday we had sooooooo much fun with Bonnie & Pete out in the middle of no where....just an awesome way to spend the afternoon with two super cool people who'll be tying the knot this fall at Bear's Best Golf Club.  
When Bonnie & Pete came to us, we liked them right away....Pete had a million questions about how we do what we do cause he loves photography...and we simply told him to trust us and that we'd rock his world as much as we possible could...well we hope you feel like mission accomplished....LOVING YOUR PICS!!  
These are just fun!! I think everyone should have something super cool and fun to immortalize their youth...and we hope you guys like these as much as we do. Enjoy your sneaker peeker you two!! love you guys!! Trish & Jared

A little romance in the wildflowers....

And now a musical number from Bonnie & Pete:):)

Jill & Jeff, Las Vegas Engagement Session

Tue. Jul 24. 2012Jill & Jeff, Las Vegas Engagement Session

Had a super fun time last night at Jill & Jeff's engagement session....they were completely great to get to know and they'll be tying the knot this fall at the Westin Lake Las absolutely gorgeous spot for a Vegas wedding!  
We have to admit, we thought it was going to be complete chaos and bedlam yesterday because of the monstrous clouds over Vegas, but luckily, the weather gave us a break. And, even though it was insanely hot and humid in Vegas, we found a great spot out in the canyon where the temps were about 10 degrees cooler, which was awesome...which also made for a gorgeous night and great chemistry for photos:).  
Jill & Jeff, we hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker and we're looking forward to your wedding this fall!! Hope you had a great trip home! xoxo, Trish & Jared  

Catherine & Nino...Rocking Downtown Vegas!

Sat. Jun 16. 2012Catherine & Nino...Rocking Downtown Vegas!

Had a seriously fun time on Monday with Catherine & Nino as they had their engagement session in downtown Vegas to kick off the excitement and wedding fun!!  
I'm pretty sure we spent the entire time enjoying the freak show downtown and giggling it up! These are two truly awesome folks--super funny, super sweet and now ready to become man and wifey!  
Because they met in Vegas, they decided to tie the knot here at the Ghost Bar this is such an awesome location for a wedding, we can't wait to shoot there again. Catherine & Nino, hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker--lots and lots more pics coming your way!! xoxo, Trish & Jared

Katherine & Rob hit downtown Vegas!

Tue. Jun 5. 2012Katherine & Rob hit downtown Vegas!

Had a little fun on an extremely warm Vegas night last week with locals Katherine & Rob....these two beautiful people will be making it official this summer at a cool local spot with an amazing view of the city; the Cannery off Boulder Highway.  
We really like these two because they have a very silly side, which we totally connect made that Thursday a total giggle fest until Catherine nearly passed out from the heat! Luckily she was fine and was able to continue being gorgeous and glamourous for the rest of the, they love their dog Wrigley tons, and of course, WE LOVE DOGS!!:)  
Katherine & Rob, we hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker; lots more coming soon!! xoxo, Trish & Jared

Check out Wrigley's tongue....

He was very curious about the camera...and we believe he thought it was edible...

There was no shortage of big wet kisses from Wrigley...

Once Wrigley was gone, Catherine and Rob decided it was time to BRING IT!:)

Jennifer & Miguel's Downtown engagement session!

Fri. May 18. 2012Jennifer & Miguel's Downtown engagement session!

Last night was too much fun shooting Jennifer & Miguel's engagement session in downtown Vegas. It was a MAGNIFICENT sunset....and these two rocked it....they were all giggles until they got dressed up and then it got time for some SERIOUS photography!!  
Jennifer & Miguel, we cannot wait until your wedding day!! Thank you so much for coming into our lives and for being up for anything....enjoy your sneaker peeker!! More coming soon!! xoxo, Trish & Jared

Aaron & Erin's Las Vegas Engagement Photos

Mon. May 14. 2012Aaron & Erin's Las Vegas Engagement Photos

Last night we had a lot of fun shooting two of our favorite people in the whole world; Erin & Aaron...or EA squared.:)  
For their first dance, they're planning a roller skating extravaganza for their wedding in Oregon, and well, since we can't be there, we thought it was a great opportunity to hit Crystal Palace for some fun outside the rink where they practice.  
EA squared, we love you guys and we're so excited for you to get married cause you guys are two of the most loving people we know. We hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker cause there's lost more of your goodlookingness coming soon!! Love you!! Trish & Jared

A quick fun shoot with Kelly & Stephen!

Sat. Apr 21. 2012A quick fun shoot with Kelly & Stephen!

We spent Friday night with Kelly & Stephen as it was the night before their wedding day and they wanted to get some really fun Vegasy pics before the big day....!!  
Their wedding pics will be blogged soon, but in the mean time, here's a quick sneaker peeker of the Friday night fun!!  

Ryan & Lori...the e-session!

Mon. Apr 2. 2012Ryan & Lori...the e-session!

Had a super fun time last Friday shooting Ryan & Lori's engagement session...  
Ryan's in the military and was on his way to Korea, so he gave us a shout and basically said, I'm home for a week and I want to treat my lady to something special....:) So, we get them in on that Friday and just had a seriously fun, giggly time with these two....but when it came to the photos, they were all about it!! They are our kind of couple!!  
Ryan & Lori, enjoy your sneak peek and thank you letting us capture you both!! Cheers! Trish & Jared

Stephanie & Michael, heatin' things up at the Boneyard

Wed. Jan 25. 2012Stephanie & Michael, heatin' things up at the Boneyard

Last week we had the super fun engagement session at the Neon Museum with Stephanie & Michael and their super cool vintage style... it was crazy as we were back and fourth with them all day about the weather and whether the weather would hold for their shoot and oddly enough....IT DID!! whew!  
We're so psyched it worked out because the SKY WAS INSANO!!!  
We hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker and lots more fun pics coming your way very soon!! xoxo, Trish n Jared

Rebecca & Justin...Smokin' Hot and Silly!!

Mon. Jan 23. 2012Rebecca & Justin...Smokin' Hot and Silly!!

Had a seriously fun, silly and hilarious time with Rebecca & Justin the other day....and really I swear we were just crackin up from start to finish.  
They'll be tying the knot this spring at Dragon Ridge Country Club, and we know it's going to be seriously FUN! FUN! FUN!  
Rebecca & Justin, hope you enjoy your sneaker guys have been awesome and we can't wait til the wedding!! xoxo, Trish n Jared

After we got them to stop laughing...then there was this....BOOM!

And then of course, more laughing...:)

Pretty sure Justin was whispering to Rebecca...not sure what he was saying, but it sure made her giddy:)

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