SBM: tell me about it Valarie...big people scare me sometimes.... - 7/27/09, 6:34pm

Valarie: I would hate to stand next to him, I might hit his knee caps...All 5 feet nothin'! - 7/27/09, 5:57pm

cindy: My high school motto was: "Small but Mighty and Proud." I think that should be Trish's new motto. Love you guys! - 7/27/09, 1:17am

clint: what's up tiny.. - 7/26/09, 12:43pm

Kate Martinez: I always wonder where people that tall find clothes... And Trish, I think your huge personality definitely makes up for your petite frame. :) - 7/24/09, 2:49pm

The small but mighty one: this guy was joke....a giant next to me....I'd like to think I'm a little person with a great big person inside... - 7/24/09, 10:10am