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Jessica & Rich Are Engaged!!

Tue. Sep 1. 2015Jessica & Rich Are Engaged!!

Sunday was a great day to enjoy the indoors and Jessica & Rich's engagement shoot at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Las Vegas.  
Love, love, love this couple!! They were so sweet to each other that it was completely obvious that they are in orbit around one another. It's so great to be in love and everything is so much more wonderful when that person is close enough to you that it basically gives you the "church giggles". That kind of love is what Jessica & Rich have and its just adorable!  
Jessica & Rich, I can't wait until the wedding!! Here's a quick sneak peek and lots more coming soon! Much love, Trish

Jennifer & John are Gettin' Married!!

Sat. Apr 4. 2015Jennifer & John are Gettin' Married!!

Had an awesome shoot last week with a new super beautiful couple; John & Jennifer:). These two are absolutely beautiful together! They're going to be tying the knot in May at Legends Ranch Las Vegas with about 200 of their closest friends and family.  
When I first met Jenn, I just liked her right off the bat. She and John are travelers and adventurers, which is something we're very passionate about as well. So the connection was just great. Plus they have a great sense of humor and we were all giggling at the shoot. Very excited about shooting their wedding!!  
John & Jenn, hope you enjoy your sneak peek! There were so many gorgeous photos, it was just tough to choose what to blog. Muah! Trish

Edith & Peter are Engaged!!

Fri. Aug 23. 2013Edith & Peter are Engaged!!

Last Sunday Edith & Peter and their daughter had an engagement session scheduled....the weather started out great and then quickly went to thunderstorms, fire, brimstone....basically armageddon!! BUT....they had gotten all prettied up, looking amazing, so we went out anyway....and it ended up being an amazing night for photos.  
The spots in the photos...well...those are actually rain drops falling from the sky....  
Edith & Peter, thank you for taking a risk and coming out in the rain....hope you enjoy your sneek peek and we're so excited for your big day this fall!! Much love, Trish & Jared

Ambaar & Kyle's Las Vegas Engagement Session!!

Thu. Jun 6. 2013Ambaar & Kyle's Las Vegas Engagement Session!!

Had an awesome engagement session with Ambaar & Kyle on Tuesday....and let's just say, they ROCKED IT!!! We hit downtown and the dry lake bed and luckily nobody melted completely from the insane heat!  
These two are so adorable, so sweet, so fun, we just had a wonderful time hanging out with them. We have to admit, Ambaar is just so beautiful that we can see why Kyle is head over heels in love with her. Plus they've got style!!  
Ambaar & Kyle, we can't wait until the wedding!!! So excited for your big day....:):):) Enjoy your sneaker peeker!! Love Trish & Jared

Tallie & Kevin's Engagement Session--Finally!!

Wed. May 15. 2013Tallie & Kevin's Engagement Session--Finally!!

This past weekend Tallie & Kevin tied the knot....we shot their engagement about two weeks ago, but have been so swamped, we hadn't had a chance to blog their they are.....we LOVE TALLIE & KEVIN!!  
They are more fun than a barrel of monkeys...and their wedding photos will be blogged here in just a few days as well.  
Love you guys and hope you're having fun in the turks & caicos!! MUAH!! Trish & Jared

Jennifer & Lou, Rockin The Boneyard & Downtown

Sat. Mar 2. 2013Jennifer & Lou, Rockin The Boneyard & Downtown

Sunday was just a total blast hanging out with Jennifer & Lou for the day. First we spent a little time at the Mothership with them learning all about their lives followed by their photo shoot at the Neon Museum & Downtown Vegas. These two will be making it official this May at Red Rock Resort & Casino.  
These two just remind us of home... Lou is 100% Italian, and Jennifer is a good Irish girl...but the combination of the two of them is pure magic:). They are soooo funny and just said about 1000 things that reminded us of our own families!!  
Jennifer & Lou, thank you so much for spending the day with us and weathering the wind!! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek and we're super excited to capture the big day!!! love, Trish & Jared

These two are avid cigar smokers...but Jennifer almost lit her purse on fire after we finished the photo...:)

James & Christine Engaged at City Center Las Vegas

Sat. Mar 2. 2013James & Christine Engaged at City Center Las Vegas

Had a fun day Saturday hanging out with James & Christine at City Center for their Las Vegas Engagement Session!  
Can we just say that it was super obvious how loving and close this couple is; every time we put them together for a photo, they just began giggling and kanoodleing and smiling at each's great to see a couple with that great energy that's so wonderful you can see it from a mile away. These two have something very special and we're excited to document their wedding this summer at the Four Seasons Las Vegas.  
James & Christine, you guys are AWESOME!! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek...lots more coming soon!! much love, Trish & Jared

Jill & Rick's Vegas Engagement Pics!

Thu. Oct 11. 2012Jill & Rick's Vegas Engagement Pics!

One of my oldest friends, Jill has found the love of her life in this amazing man named Rick. I had a chance to sit down with them a few months ago and could completely see how she would fall in love with this incredible guy; he was so attentive to her, so loving and just so sweet, I just said, Jill, marry this guy!  
Last night we got together to document their engagement pics; only problem: insane out of no where torrential rain storm threatened to destroy our night....but then, a clearing...we hopped in the car, and drove towards it and yes, PHOTO NIRVANA!!  
The result was 40 minutes of sheer photo bliss and the most incredible sunset of the season so far!  
Jill & Rick, we love you guys and here's to 1000 more sunsets like this one during your life together. Congrats on your engagement and we can't wait to see the wedding pics from Hawaii!! Love you guys! Trish & Jared  

Jim & Jane's Engagement session

Thu. Sep 13. 2012Jim & Jane's Engagement session

Hada a little fun last night with Jim & Jane out at Lake Las Vegas....After being together for 8 years, they've decided it's time to make it legit and will be tying the knot this fall at the lovely JW Marriott....  
These two are some of the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful people we've met...and their Canadian's which I really love about them....and they were referred to us by lots of other people we love like Stephanie, Michelle and we knew they'd be an awesome fit for our kind of photo love:)  
Jim and Jane, hope you enjoy the sneek peek...and hope it gets you excited for the wedding day!! xoxo, Trish & Jared

Sara & Marcus and their Vegas Engagement Session!

Thu. Sep 6. 2012Sara & Marcus and their Vegas Engagement Session!

Had some serious fun Monday with Sara & Marcus for their engagement session with not one, not two, but three locations!! But that's not all...they brought a motorcycle and a car and themselves so it was super cool!!  
They wanted something Vegasy but also something with a dramatic nature scene, so we hit the dry lake bed, The Smith Center and finally downtown. They are just two of the kindest, coolest people on the planet, so we wanted to make sure their session was hot! I must admit, I really liked all of their kissing images so WARNING--lots of making out on this post!:)  
Sara & Marcus, hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker!! More coming very soon! Lots of love, Trish & Jared  

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