cindy: Some of my all-time new FAVES! Stunning. And soooo FUN. - 10/1/10, 12:40am

jacqueline davania-williamson: So you know alice is my favorite! Love the pics! Everyone needs a little wonderland in their life!!! - 9/23/10, 8:06pm

Courtney Rich: That's what you get when you work with the best!! - 9/23/10, 3:46pm

Rachel : I absolutley love this ! I - 9/21/10, 1:09am

Laurel: LOVE it! The set looks awesome & the photos are killer :) - 9/19/10, 2:34pm

Deanna: my sweet client Elise works for uncorked! did you meet her? - 9/18/10, 3:49pm

lorenz: dude, you blew this photo shoot off the page - 9/18/10, 3:43am

caitlin: holy geez!!!! SUPER COOL! - 9/17/10, 11:38pm

Ashley Lampton: WOW! The Alice photos are amazing, can we see more?! - 9/17/10, 5:56pm