Toyia Wortham: Cat & Nino~ your pics are Beautiful!!! Mom just sent them to me. You guys look so happy and it looks like everyone had a great time. The action shots of Nino break dancing make me smile & Cat, you look so lovely in both your dresses. Blessings, Love & Happines to you guys. Enjoy your journey together! Love, Toyia - 11/8/12, 2:42pm

Grace Wortham: Dear Cat & Nino, Your wedding was just beautiful. - 11/7/12, 5:47pm

Emma Galvez : Great Wedding Photos Trish & Jared! Thank you for capturing these great photos of my brother's wedding and allowing us to hold on to that evening (minus the alcohol). As the wedding planer, you were great to work with and it was such a pleasure...very friendly and professional. Thanks again! - 11/7/12, 11:07am